C-stores Staying Open, Adapting & Remotely Monitoring to Avoid Food-Temp "Danger Zone"

The coronavirus pandemic has gutted the U.S. foodservice industry, forcing restaurants, grocery stores, and convenience retailers to halt their "dine-in services". Yet despite the slowdown, convenience stores are surviving—and some are even flourishing. Many convenience-store operators have experienced sales increases of as much as 5% during the coronavirus outbreak, depending on the part of the country and type of market.

Shifting C-Store Food Demand

Convenient stores are staying open to meet the needs of the communities they serve during this time of the coronavirus crisis. Food supplies, now more than ever, must be kept at the proper temperature—frozen food frozen, cold food cold, and hot food hot. C-store retailers are strategizing around both keeping essential and high-demand foods stocked (milk, eggs, frozen meals, etc.) and adding more higher-quality grab-and-go food to adapt to the shifting demand. Additionally, they are adding remote temperature monitoring to keep customers safe from foodborne illness.

In addition to more "frozen convenience & comfort foods" in demand for take-home freezer storage (microwave meals, ice cream, etc), C-store foodservice consumers want more portable snacks & meals that are kept warm or cold and ready-to-go. And they’re clear about the types of foods they prefer: Breakfast & lunch wraps, pre-packaged sandwiches, subs & salads, pizza, chicken tenders/nuggets/wings, French fries, onion rings, hot dogs, and even sushi in some parts of the country are options consumers say they want to see more of in the c-store grab-and-go displays. An eye on variety, healthier choices, as well as equipment monitoring that maintains food temperature, will go a long way in satisfying these growing quick-visit consumers and keeping the food safe.

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Stop worrying, know your frozen, cold and hot food inventory is safe! Keeping hot or chilled inventory at optimal temps has never been easier. You get real-time temperature alerts with frioguard systems for remote equipment monitoring.

Food safety compliance

The FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) requirements are demanding. Fortunately, checking temperatures to protect your customers and achieve regulatory compliance has gotten a lot easier. C-store operators can easily monitor temperature remotely and automatically create HACCP-compliant temperature logs with wireless sensor technologies. Fast track FMA compliance, protect your brand, your business (prevent spoilage, waste, and loss), and, most importantly, your customers from foodborne illnesses, with frioguard™.

Affordable & Scalable

Many remote monitoring solutions have large initial costs, offer limited battery & sensor life, and don't easily integrate with additional sensors or scale on the same platform—meaning C-store operators must maintain multiple systems. Grow your system as your operation growsAVAYO’s affordable and scalable frioguard remote monitoring solutions have your C-store covered with 20+ IoT sensors. Initial system setup takes less than 30 minutes and you can scale with additional sensors as other unique needs surface, seasonally, or as you expand.

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