Remote Temperature Monitoring


Plans Starting at $15/month


Food Service 

Not being alerted to what’s happening at your restaurant(s) or hotel catering services can be costly. Many things can happen when it gets busy and when you are not at your foodservice location. An overnight cooler failure can exceed multi-thousands in spoilage, waste, and lost business...

Convenient Stores

Not knowing when something's off with your C-store can be costly.  Early warning of cooler or other equipment outage or failure can save thousands. Frioguard helps safeguard your customers, protect your brand reputation, and stay in compliance with the FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) regulations...

Labs & Clinics

Maintaining the cold chain is crucial in any laboratory, clinic, hospital dispensary pharmacy, kennel or veterinary office—especially when it comes to storing temperature-sensitive materials. Be alerted immediately to issues with temperature-controlled medications; ​avoid costly vaccine and specimen loss...

Green Body Storage

The COVID-19 pandemic is causing thousands of deaths – straining hospitals, morgues, and mortuaries with an unprecedented number of added deceased bodies. Refrigeration is widely accepted as the most "green" method for storing a body...

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Never be Blindsided by

Outages & Emergencies

Frioguard wireless temperature systems accurately measure temperatures.

You now can have peace of mind wherever you have cellular service.

Software & Mobile Apps Included

Securely view readings from your frioguard sensors—online or via the mobile app (iOS & Android). The systems come with an all-inclusive dashboard for each of your devices. You can remotely compare the readings for multiple locations or multiple zones of the same location.

Simple. Compliant. Scalable.

Proactively prevent waste, loss, spoilage—with alerts about temperatures that are out of range without requiring an existing Internet connection (system connects via cellular networks). Simply set the temperature thresholds you care about and get alerts from anywhere. Easy online configuration allows you to choose the conditions that trigger alerts via SMS text and/or email in addition to which team members should receive them. 

Comply with confidence—knowing all of your company’s nuances through cloud-based monitoring and data collection gives you the confidence you need for total compliance. The FDA Food Modernization Act (FMA) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  requirements are demanding.  With frioguard™ you can easily monitor temperature and automatically create HACCP-compliant temperature logs, plus order with NIST certificates.

Grow your system as your operation grows—many remote monitoring solutions have large initial costs, offer a limited battery and sensor life, and don't easily integrate with additional sensors or scale on the same platform—meaning you must maintain multiple systems. frioguard™ allows you to scale with 20+ sensors and comes in a variety of classes for commercial use:

Starter    Professional    Industrial    HVAC/Boiler