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AVAYO products proactively connect & monitor unlimited things to help you work more productively, increase safety, and solve problems swiftly. And they’re all designed to work together wirelessly and remotely. When people have the power to work without worry, with tools they love, they do their best work.

Stop Worrying. Start Monitoring.

AVAYO's Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions enable you to remotely monitor and manage equipment and workflow – safer, faster, and with more assurance than was ever possible before.


Prevent Food Spoilage, Waste & Loss


Frioguard Commercial-grade Remote
Temperature Monitoring Systems


Plans Starting at $15/month

Digital Food Safety

According to the CDC, it is estimated there are 48 million people in the U.S. who get sick from foodborne illnesses every single year. Out of these, around 128,000 end-up hospitalized and another 3,000 die.  Many of the germs and bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses and food poisoning become active when food is not kept at the proper temperatures. There are specific temperature ranges, depending on whether the food is frozen, refrigerated, held hot or cold. When these are not properly maintained, bacteria and germs start to form.  Stay in compliance, protect your brand, your business, and, most importantly, your customers from foodborne illnesses, spoilage, waste, and loss with frioguard™.

Avoid Costly Vaccine & Specimen Loss

Be Alerted Immediately to Issues with
Temperature-controlled Medications
. Maintaining the cold chain is crucial in any clinic or laboratory, especially when it comes to storing temperature-sensitive materials. There are three things that can help you maintain an effective cold chain: accurate inventory management, a properly-trained staff, and, most importantly, the right temperature monitoring equipment. Not knowing what’s happening in your lab or clinic can be costly. Overnight equipment failure can mean thousands in losses. So much can go wrong—stay aware and work smart. Avoid inventory loss and schedule setbacks—step out of your laboratory with confidence knowing frioguard™ will alert you or your staff if any temperature fluctuations require attention while you're away.

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"Green" Body
Storage & Burial

Human Body Preservation

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is causing tens of thousands of deaths straining hospitals, funeral homes, morgues, and mortuaries with an unprecedented number of added deceased bodies. When dealing with corpses it is important to keep them cool for both morticians as well as family and friends who depend on their work. Corpses begin to decay and decompose if cold temperatures in storage facilities are not properly maintained.  Refrigeration is widely accepted as the most "green" method for storing a body, as it causes the least amount of impact on the earth, does not add any chemicals to the earth once the body is buried and decomposing, and does not expose funeral home workers to harmful chemicals.  Low-cost frioguard wireless systems monitor and send notifications about the temperatures in body refrigerators as well as temporary storage facilities...


Why Clients Love AVAYO


Easy Setup & Use

AVAYO remote monitoring IoT systems can be set up in about 20-minutes and our easy-to-use online software makes managing your system a snap!


Low Cost & High Quality

AVAYO Frioguard wireless systems start at just $295 along with basic online sensor monitoring starting at $15/mo. including FREE notifications!


Low Power & Long Life

AVAYO Frioguard wireless sensors feature industry-leading battery technology & power management, allowing sensors to last up to 10+ years.


Stop Worrying. Start Monitoring.

Remote Monitoring System Components